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Hi All.


This is a bit of feedback.


I have now been without Internet or Phone Services for more than 4 days.


Having lodged the issue days ago and being promised: "someone will call you", "someone will keep you informed", "someone will call tomorrow to schedule a time for an engineer to attend"...I have had NOTHING from TPG.  The only way I get an update, or yet another promise to, is for me to call and wait on the line for extended periods.


I have now just been told, after calling TPG again, that an engineer can not get to my house until Saturday.  I'm done with TPG and have now requested the immediate cancellation of my service and I will move to another provider who cares about their customers and does what they promise they will do. 


If you are considering TPG my recommendation is DON'T DO IT.


Hi @froudie


Welcome to the Community! 


This is not the feedback that we like to hear of and we hope we can have a chance to turn it in to positive. 


I've located your account using your Community details and have reviewed the case logs. I can see that both NBN and TPG have investigated the issue you are reporting. 


Based on the tests conducted, we have not detected any issues with the physical line or network outside that would affect your internet services, hence, the request of the TPG field technician to be sent out. 


The fault restoration time frames provided would be based on availability of network technicians specialised in working on the network equipment you're using. We're sorry to hear you're not pleased with the time frame despite being the soonest available based on the tech availability in your area.


Should you change your mind and would like to arrange for the appointment, please let us know and we'll coordinate this with our senior engineers. 




Level 3



Thanks for your message and reviewing my account.


What your review has not taken into account is that TPG has made multiple promises to call me, contact me and resolve the issue yet there has been only one call (message left) to me saying "we are still looking into it" and every piece of information that I have received has been from me having to call TPG and insist on an update.  TPG even sent me a TEXT message following lodging the case, which said I could respond to it to get in contact, yet there only been one response basically saying nothing new.


I acknowledge that NBN had apparently been in the street to test the line and have said they could find no fault, this was done without notification to us and still didn't resolve the issue, which I only found out about when I called yet again.  I was then told that someone would call me the following morning to schedule a time for a TPG engineer to attend, which true to TPG's form never happened.  During this call, the Engineer I spoke to was rude and basically told me to get off the phone so he could make the request. It wasn't until I then called again after 2pm to chase it up that I was told it was in the hands on the 'Control Tower' and when they were contacted they said they had no available spaces that day, the following day, nor the day after, or the day after that, and in fact it wouldn't be until Saturday, a whole week after I lodged the case.


That is when I requested that my contract is cancelled and I that I am to be refunded 100% of what has been paid. I was transferred yet again to another engineer who said I need to send an email to and they would call me back, which is ridiculous given I had no internet and you took a voice agreement to enable the service.


So I sent the email and you guessed it no one has called me.


One thing that you should realise I have been with TPG for about 4 weeks.


I hope that clarifies what you seem to be missing from the internal TPG records.


For the record, I hired an external person to take a look at the situation last night and they rectified it within 5 minutes and this could have been solved over the phone!


Regards Andrew


Thank you for providing your feedback about your experience. It's disappointing to hear that we've let you down. 


We will certainly be reviewing your recent interactions with TPG in an effort to identify areas in which we can improve, as we strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience each and every time.


You are valuable to us.  If there is anything else that we can assist you with that will help turn around your experience with TPG, please feel free to let us know.




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I appreciate you saying that TPG is willing to review recent interactions and identify areas of improvement.  It does seem that TPG is not that serious about it as you still have not responded to my email (again).


Unfortunately, talk is cheap.


Hi @froudie, we have raised this to our Escalations Team and a case officer will be in touch before 5PM Victoria time to further discuss the matter.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please let us know.

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Thank you for having the thought to escalate this case which is the first instance that someone actually cares. A supervisor - Ruby - tried to call me at approx. 5:00pm on the Friday 18/01 however as I was driving I was unable to take the call. She then called again at ~7.45pm. We spoke briefly (as I was in a store) and Ruby agreed to call me on Monday 21st by Close of Business. 

Ruby did call again at 5:02pm 21/01 and basically said she had not finished her evaluation and needed two more days to do so.  Although I do not understand why 2 more days are required as it is quite clear that TPG have been unable to deliver the contracted service, I agreed, and we agreed Ruby would call me at 5:00pm today.


Guess what? Once again this has not happened. It is now >6:00pm and no calls, messages or email.


It is now time to lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman.


I simply wish to sever my ties with TPG due to the inability to deliver the contracted service, inability to resolve the issues in a reasonable time, complete lack of interest in me as a customer and continued false promises and almost non-exisitent communication. 


We regret to hear that taking this further has crossed your mind.


We value your experience and apologies if you haven't received the service you expected. We believe that our internal resolution process is the most effective and quickest way to resolve issues.


That being said, we will now escalate this matter to our Customer Relations Team. Please await a feedback from a Complaint Resolution Case Manager within 24 hours.


If you have any preferred time for a call, please let us know so we can notify the team. Thank you.

Level 3



Thank you for the reply.


I too regret that it has got to the point where I need to consider taking it further, which I dot want to do however given TPG continue to fail to communicate I feel I am left with no other option.


Maybe an internal person should go through the experience themselves to see what customers have to endure.


I will wait 24hrs before taking it any further, by which time I wish this matter to be concluded, my contract cancelled and I refunded the recent charges and the cost of the modem which is no use to me now.


Please have someone call me at 5:00pm tomorrow (Thursday 24th) Melbourne time.  If this is not suitable please advise via email or text a more suitable time.


Regards Andrew



You're most welcome, @froudie. We ensure to pass on your response to the aforementioned team, thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you further.