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slow speed since yesterday

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We are currently using Broadband internet 50 which is normally over 40mbps at night. 

But since yesterday, video streaming was quite slow and it stopped and I couldn't continue watching.

Still went on 20mbps somewhere..... 

There was broken picture every moment. So irritating!

It's too slow to watch anything at the moment. 

Are you working on electrical checkup now?.....



Hi @lulu,


Welcome to TPG Community.


We were able to locate your account using your community details and was not able to detect any issues within the NBN network.

Are you using a WiFi connection or a Wired connection? If it is WiFi , then there's a possibility that you were experiencing a signal interference.


You may check this community links for some guidance on how to improve your WiFi connection at home.


Here are the links:

- Steps to improve your WiFi connection

- Troubleshooting slow internet connection


Let us know if there's no improvement and will check it further.


Kind regards,