Poor service!

Level 2
We dont have internet since 12 noon. Worst service ever!

Welcome to the Community @JaypeeV 


We recommend our customers using the ADSL2+ service to look into our Service status page to check if their area is affected by a planned and unplanned outage. Here's the link.


Customers under NBN service may visit the NBN network outage to confirm if they are affected by a planned or unplanned outage.


If your address or area is not affected by a Netowrk outage, then our support page will provide you instructions on how to troubleshoot any internet connection issues. You may visit it here.


In your case, your ADSL2+ service is not affected by an outage. However, we detected a possible cut within the copper network. This has been escalated to our Engineering team and they'll request for a Telstra technician to look into your service and have this resolved the soonest possible.


An assigned Engineer will be in touch with you via SMS or phone call as soon as an update becomes available.


Let us know if you need further assistance.