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Still waiting for callback was told within 24hrs that was 8pm on the 10/9/20.i was on phone to tpg last night I was put through to Ian then Nigel then Justine all 3 had no clue how to fix my issue I thought I was speaking to technical support but instead I got 3 staff all had no clue saying they escalating my case number to tech support expect a call back on the 11/9 lol but as yet have not hard a boo out of them if they want to keep running business then need to know how to resolve the issues I was on phone for over one hour told I would receive a call today still no resolution I asked to speak to a customer service but still no Reply absolutely nothing ..very poor customer service it’s horrendous avoid at all cost I’m left very angry frustrated and will look into other plans With other provides
Customer service is very poor no doubt staff have no clue what’s going on please call me back as when Need to fix my email server to .More training is required if outsourcing work to another company not professional at all

Hi @moose277 ,


Thanks for raising this to us. We apologise if you feel that way, we'd love to help and take this opportunity to turn around your experience, to better undesrstand the situation we'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file). 


For reference:


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