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Poor wifi performance and range.

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Hi. The standard router I got with my tpg nbn is not working well. I can do a speed test and the speed is ok, but small devices like smart phones don’t work quickly or at all if even only 5 to 10m from the router. laptops do a little better, but still not great. Friends who visit and use our wifi state ours is incredibly slow compared to their speeds (and they live in country nsw)
I want to upgrade my router Modem.

What router modem do you suggest? I want the best available As I am sick of this issue.

Hi @Junek


Welcome to the Community!

We were able to locate your account using your community details and tested the line, but was not able to detect any fault.

The WiFi connection is prone to signal interference, which may have caused the issues.

We've created some articles that will help you improve your home network. Refer to these articles:

If you really want to use a third party modem/router, please note that the bundled VoIP will not work with it.


If that's okay, then you need to get a VDSL modem and the VLAN ID needs to be configured to 2.


Any VDSL modem/router should work with the TPG NBN FTTN service as long as the VLAN ID can be changed to 2.


Let us know if you need further assistance.