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Port forwarding on the HG659 not working for Arduino microcontroller

rbw Level 1
Level 1

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B microprocessor on my LAN with wi-fi link to the TPG-supplied HG659 router and an arduino uno microcontroller also on the LAN with ethernet link to the router. The router recognises both devices. I can set up port forwarding to the Raspberry Pi, which has an nginx webserver, and access this from an external browser via my router's external IP address, when the port 80 is open. I can apply the same port forwarding rule built into the router for the arduino, and run a sketch using the SPI.h and Ethernet.h libraries but the port 80 does not open. I can view the arduino's serial output using a browser on the LAN and it's internal IP address. Given that some posts on this forum have reported port forwarding on the HG659 not working at all, I would like to know whether my router is faulty or whether this behaviour is expected. I can supply the arduino sketch if required.


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Since the port 80 is working with your aspberry Pi 3B microprocessor using the TPG supplied modem, then we need to look into why your Arduino microcontroller is not working on it.


Yes, please provide us the arduino sketch for further assessment.


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