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Port fowarding on Archer VR600v

Level 2
Hi all, I am playing an online game and to host my own server for others to join, I have been told I need open some ports. The ports are the following: TCP ports 6654 and 6655 UDP ports 6654 and 6655 Can someone tell me if the screenshot I have posted shows me setting these up correctly? When we play (its a motobike game), the other players complain that whilst their bike is fine and doesnt lag or blip, the other players bikes jump all over the place. My internet connection has been tested and is way above average and produces fast speeds and the other players too. I am just wondering if I need to tweak the port forwarding settings? Thanks in advance Lewis
Level 14

Hi @lewisjoseph89 . Settings look ok. You could reduce the rules by selecting Protocol=All for the two ports; 2 rules instead of 4. That shouldn't affect anything though.

Do all the players have their computers connected by ethernet or wifi? And the server computer running the game? Each player should check their response times to their own router and to your server computer.

Does the erratic performance happen at any time of day or mainly during the evening peak?

You could do a test where all players do a ping to your server at same time:

ping -l 500 -n 500 server-ip-address 

Packet length 500 bytes; 500 times. Are response times good and consistent?

tracert command will show where delays are occurring in internet.


Level 2
Hi David,

We havent done a ping check yet but they all insist their connections are wired and are good. They dont have the issue in anyone elses server . The fact that I am in Australia and they are in the UK may have a big effect?

We attempt to play at all different hours usually.

Do i just need to accept it wont work because of the massive distance?

Level 14

Hi Lewis. @lewisjoseph89 . 

Distance could be the issue. Do the ping and tracert to judge network delays. Other users have reported network delays for games in S.E. Asia because TPG's network path is round-about.
When you play the game, do you use a separate computer from the game server? Your response time will be lots better than remote players.
How does your server computer perform? In terms of CPU%, memory, disk i/o, network.
When you say "They dont have the issue in anyone elses server", do you mean that the same group of players get proper performance when they play a game on a server in UK? How does it go for you in that case?