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Printing from an Archer VR1600v

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Print servers for the Archer VR1600v .
We have a network based A3 printer that connects in infrastructure mode.
Since we went to the NBN, we could only print by disconnecting from the archer and connecting to our old Netgear nighthawk router. The nighthawk has died.
All the print servers for the tp link modem's seem to be for USB printers. We have no physical connection capacity on our printer it's a Brother MFC-J6510DW.
We also have a new Brother MFC-J6920DW still in its box.
Suggestions please?

Hi @Corella


Welcome to the Community! 


I've managed to locate both of your NBN accounts using your Community email address and both internet services are working well. 


If you are on infrastructure mode, I would recommend to contact your printer's technical support as this type of mode has a complex set up, requires set of strategic plan and constant administration. 





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I was hoping for community help, not TPG tech help as I know it's not your thing.
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Yes our internet works well but we cannot print. Hence my subject line "Printing from an Archer VR1600v".
I was asking for suggestions for a print server we could add on.
Everything I've found works only for USB based printers.
We have had A3 infrastructure mode printers for at least 7 years and set up is easy. Or it was until we got the Archer.

Hi @Corella 

You should able to use it as long as your printer can connect to your local network.

Can your printer see the SSID of the TP-Link?

If you can, try to connect to it. 

Some printer uses WPS.

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