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Problem connecting to the internet

Level 2
Hi, I’ve been having some problems with connectivity to the internet with my wifi router modem. I've tried turning off the modem and restarting it many times, sometimes it works and I can connect to the internet again, but after a while the connection drops again, and the same connection issues continue to persist and now I can't connect to wifi at all since yesterday. The modem was working fine, this problem only started from yesterday. The Internet, WLAN and VoIP lights are flickering. I’ve ran the nbn network status check and it’s fine. I really don't know what is causing this connection problem, please help! I need to have this sorted asap as my kids have assignments and homework to do.

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We'd like to take a closer look at your connection and run some tests so we can identify what's causing the problem. Please send us a private message with your customer ID or username.