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Question about service outage

Level 2
This morning my internet service was working for rossmore 2557 area. It was a bit jumpy in the afternoon so turned it off/on to fix now, internet service will not work at all, when can we expect to get the service back online.

Ps: do not bother with calling them waited for an hour only to be hung up on

Hi @iPTu


Welcome to Community! 


We'd like to check the status of the connection. Your internet service relies on an active phone line thus we'd like to know whether you have an active dial tone (if you have a handset connected)? 


If this testing is not an option, please let us know the status of the modem lights. 


Kindly provide us with your best call back time so we can organise a contact to be made from our Technical team so they can perform troubleshooting along with you.