Level 2

Cancel my account and refund me $169.94 right now please.


I have been trying since February 28 to get an ADSL connection, and then TPG missed both of its connection appointments. They then wouldn't tell me why afterwards because they never recieved a final report. I was told they would contact me about it and never heard from anyone. Since then I have not been able to contact TPG via phone, email or chat support. I have tried 3 times today to get a chat support person to refund me, and each time they disconnect from their end.


Never in my life have I dealt with a company which not only can't provide its service, but then refuses to speak to you about it. I now can't call because your call centres are closed, and I can't chat online because they continue to disconnect my chat (evidence attached). If you had branches I would walk into one and not leave until I walked out with $169.94 in cash. 


You have my account details, refund me now. I have filed a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and if that isn't enough then I'll be filing a civil law suit against TPG and demanding way more than $169.94 for all the extra personal hotspot data I have been using and the time they've wasted.


I'll attach a chat support screenshot which was one of three attempts today.


Ombudsman reference number: 2020/04/08265