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I am not getting advertised typical evening speed on nbn50

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I have been checking speedtest on my NBN50 plan since I signed up TPG at my address. Regardless of which time of the day - peak or offpeak, I am not getting anywhere near the advertised typical evening speed of 45.6Mbps on NBN50 plan.


I usually get around 20-25down/10-14up (Mbps) in the evening with an ethernet connection to the TPG supplied router. Sometimes the connection was 5-15Mbps download during the day. When I do the test, I make sure there is no other device is hogging the bandwidth.

Can you check please?


Hi swezun,


Have you check the speed in wired or wireless?.


Please advice


If you are using wireless connection, make sure you dont have wireless interference

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Hi Luis


Thanks for getting back to me.

Yep, I have done the speed test using a wired ethernet cable (Cat 6e) connect between the router to my pc.

The speed was slow at 20-25Mbps during the day and only sometimes I can get 40Mbps.


The upload speed is also quite slow from 1-3Mbps.