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Random internet drop outs due to DSL issues, Fault submitted but confused

Level 3
I have been having random internet drop outs for a month now where the DSL lights would start blinking so it would disconnect me from the wifi, but then it would eventually come back.

I have tried resetting and restarting the modem to no avail and I can’t change where the phone line is plugged in because I only have one working socket.

I’ve submitted a fault ticket on the TPG app but now it says “customer action required” but does not tell me what that action is. I have checked my email and there is nothing sent.

What do I do next?

Thank you.
Level 7

Are you on FTTN? If so it may be line problems (copper joints failing in humidity or temperature changes). I had them all the time...

Level 3
Yeah I am on FTTN, that makes a lot of sense because last year I experienced the same issue at around November

But I’m also wondering if that’s it because this issue started back when the weather was still cold. Thanks for letting me know though!