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Re: Troubleshooting no internet connection

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I have followed the instructions on this article.

I'm using a TPG supplied TP-Link AC1200 wifi modem router.

We have FTTP NBN.


We had some issues at the pit and optical light was red. NBN Tech (network team) have fixed the issue at the pit. I can now see Solid Green for optical light on NBN NTD in the garage.


UNI-D 1 port is solid amber. As per the guides this just means i'm connected to a device thats 1 Gbps.


On my wifi modem router Internet light is red.

I have done a reset on both NTD and the wifi modem router - nothing has fixed the issue.


I have been trying to call tech support and been on hold for more than 2 hours.


Please assist ASAP.




My records show that you had contacted customer service team, We will update you how it  progress


Thanks for your patience