Really Slow Internet

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I have had a Huawei HG659 Modem since joining TPG in April 2007 (15 years). The connection to the Internet has become really slow 1.2mbps on average. We have 3 users that watch streaming services and the Modem seems to be unable to process the usage. The streaming is watchable but conducting business or Web usage on PC is intolerably slow. Keep getting messages from page asking if I want to wait as page unresponsive. Is there a possibility to get a modem upgrade to one with greater capacity? at least AC1600. We also have VoIP for our phone and would still require this. I have a 3rd party modem but you don't provide setting information for VoIP.


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We'd like to check on the account and test the line to make sure that there's no issues within the line that causes the slow connection speed.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.


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