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Recent drop outs

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We connectected to the NBN in April this year with TPG and have had fantastic internet speed and connection, however in the past month the service drops out frequently with it being 50:50 if it is working or not. Originally we put this down to the town being busy over school holidays, we live in a tourist town and it has been a consitent problem over the years with clogging up of the network during peak tourist time. However it has been getting worse after school holidays. Can you check the line to see if there are any faults. The modem was supplied by TPG. Many thanks


Hi @davidsonia6,


I checked your account and was not able to detect any issues on the line and also the speed that your modem is getting from the NBN server is passing.


Please see this link for troubleshooting the slow internet connection:


Keep us posted if it helps.