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I placed an order online for TPG NBN on 10/06/2024, on 11/06/2024 I got an email confirmation its activated. However upon checking it was not activated.
After multiple complaints email and phone calls and going back and forth with 5 different teams, no one knew what the issue is only this that and no emETA on the solution. Upon asking questions on NTD it was confirmed the installation was done on someone else’s address and not my address for which I signed up.
Eventually after 8 days I had to cancel the service as there was no end to this misery. TPG had no clue on how to troubleshoot or what the issue. How could you do such a big blunder.

However after cancellation my amount was not refunded, can you please refund my amount as
1) service was activated at wrong address all TPG Fault
2) service was never activated
3) Did not use any TPG service.

Please refund my money back.
Community Manager

Hi @agangwani568,


We'll get this sorted for you ASAP. Are you able to send us a private message?