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Regular Internet Drop Outs

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Ticket 11529760.

I am engaged in phone calls with FPG but we keep missing each other.

I have regular intenet drop outs which started about 10 days ago.

No issues for years. Only recently.
Tech visited on Friday 25th July.
Recommended turning baby monitor off.
We followed these instructions for 24 hrs. No change.
Over the weekend i tried a new router and replaced ethernet cables between NBN box and the router. No change.

At this point i have eliminated the router and my own cables as the cause. Something has changed on the NBN or the NBN gateway is failing.

Really need a solution soon. The drops are causing many problems with work.

Hi @Cdstalker


Thanks for reaching out and we apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you. 


Recent update on the lodged fault indicated that based on NBN tech's assessment, there appears to be no evident line fault and our Engineers are further checking what can be the underlying cause. 


Further updates will be communicated by the assigned Engineer as soon as its available.