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Relocation of service - does anyone do anything at TPG anymore?

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Has anyone here actually been able to get something achieved at TPG?
I have been trying for a month without success to make contact with someone at TPG to get my home service relocated - The chat line is always dysfunction and inaccessable and no-one responds to emails.
I moved out of my old house 2 weeks ago and need a connection to my new home - the old house is abandoned and I have been without internet for weeks due to TPG's complete refusal to communicate. Nothing seems to work and TPG seems to be refusing to communicate on any level except withdrawing payment fraudulently for no service. I am burning data on my TPG mobile just to access my email due to TPG's complete and inexcusable failure of service. I would appreciate any sort of meaningful response from TPG but nothing seems to work - they have effectively blocked all methods of communication and entirely refused to provide any of the paid for conctractual customer service.                            
Seriously, what sort of honest and reputable company refused to address urgent communication from a customer for over a month? Talk about illegal unconscionable business practices and gross violations of the Australian Consumer Law.


Hi @SinStPeters 


Just wondering if you have tried to organise your move online? Instructions to complete this can be found here?

If not please do so. If you have difficulty then get back to us.




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Yes, I tried to organise this on line (duh, I'm not that stupid...) - the TPG page was completely dysfunctional, just stuck in a loop on the confirm address step with no way to get past it, or means to contact anyone at TPG who could assist. Like everything at TPG it seems to have been set up up by the cheapest bottom feeding off shore script kiddie for hire with absolutely no real world intelligence or error trapping.

Since I put my complaint here things, if possible have gotten even worse.
It seems the only way to get TPG to respond these days is a negative comment on a public forum as they make sure there's no way to interact with them otherwise.
A day or two after my post I did indeed get a direct phone call (something I couldn't get in a month of attempts at direct communication) and supposedly the "relocation" was set in motion.
Stupid me thought TPG was changing its spots and may be getting things right for a change....
In practice a very downmarket NBN contractor turned up a few days later, took one look, decided it was all too much like hard work, and left after 5 minutes without doing anything at all - nothing hooked up at all, no internet comnnected, no home phone, no relocation at all. Said he'd organise another NBN person to come around and shift the 'box' to make the job easier. Been days since, heard absolutely nothing since.
Now just to make things more fun TPG seems to have cut off my last remaining link to the outside world, my mobile phone data connection, for no apparent reason. The only way I was able to even get any sort of of access through this whole TPG clusterfiick debacle was by hotspotting through my phone but TPG, in its infinite wisdom, has somehow decided this completely separately paid for service with absolutely no need of relocation or attention needs to be cut off while completely failing to accomplish anything on the actual task they were supposed to be attending to in a timely fashion.
Got to love TPG - set them to fix your land line internet and they instead decide to cut off your mobile internet access. They are definitely a brains trust.
They did ensure a recorded message played everytime I unsuccessfully tried to get data access on my phone...
"your account is about to expire,please contact TPG..."
Oh yeah? How?
You refuse to take phone calls, you've incompetantly cut off my last remaining link with the internet, and your chat line is such a farcical disaster that it's impossible to get through even if I did have any access.
How the hill am I supposed to contact you to find out in what wonderfully new and imaginative way you've right royally fiicked things up yet again?
Thank goodness the Hungry Jacks down the road has left its wifi up and running even if their store is closed. It's a sad state of affairs when a junk food burger joint is a more reliable and professional ISP that the so called second largest internet provider in Australia.

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Gets better and better - finally got through on the chat line only to have the customer service operator (Alfredo... or Emerson... or Em - they couldn't seem to decide who they were and kept changing names) seemingly decide the problem was too complicated and time consuming so decided to dump the chat without resolving it in any way....

"... in order for us to help you and solve the issue is to transfer this chat to the correct department
And if the transfer do not went through I advised you to call us..."
And that was the end of that - the chat got lost forever in limbo with nothing else coming from TPG - absolutely nothing from the supposed other department. A complete waste of time.
And the advice (in bad broken English) from TPG's customer service?
Really, just how pray tell?
You've cut off my mobile phone and have failed to install my promised landline.
And on what number I do it?
All the TPG numbers I am aware of refuse to take calls and drop the connection after a shot recorded message - despite a request to please supply the phone number the so helpful customer service chatter was advising me to call the chat was dropped without any further response.
No resolution, no transfer, no attempt to do anything useful at all.
Strictly churn and burn it seems.
At least I got a screen shot of the chat for my TIO complaint.