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Remote Management on Archer VR1600v NOT WORKING

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On Jul 1, our VR1600v reset itself to factory defaults.


This router is at a remote location, so I drove 1 hour to fix it. I configured all the router again and everything was working fine once again.


Now, we pay an extra $10 per month for a fixed IP because we need to expose CCTV cameras so we can monitor the property.


This is done by port forwarding a number of WAN ports to a CCTV server on the internal LAN.


On Jul 2, this feature of port forwarding stopped working along with the ability to remote manage the router.


Under System Tools | Administration | Remote Management, I have the remote management enabled checkbox enabled. Please see the attached screenshot.


Here's the peculiar thing; I can access the router via this external IP when I am connected to the LAN.


When I try this from an external location, I am unable to.


Have TPG changed anything to their security settings to block remote access?

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TPG mods can you comment on this

Can we get a different model of router?

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Did you get an answer to this? It seems the remote management flag gets reset somehow?

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The router is managed by a  CWMP (CPE WAN Management Protocol, also called TR-069) allows Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) to perform auto-configuration, provision, connection, and diagnostics to this device. So, it is possible that TPG is conneccting remotely and changing setings...


log in with super user and disable CWMP


username: su

password: VExy!64a3ng

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You just said how very concerned you were about security and the use of this password... and then go spam posting it all over the forum.

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Level 2

Disappointing in the lack of a closing response from the Moderator


Hi All,


Our security teams have recently identified some potentially suspicious activity relating to the VOIP phone settings of a small number of customers. Our security teams took pro-active steps to inhibit the activity by blocking the use of some ports on customer modems. On this particular case, It is likely that the port forwarding that OP is trying to accomplish was affected by the action of our security team. We recommend to change the default ports to any port number from 30000 to 40000 and let us know how it will go.