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Remote Management on Archer VR1600v NOT WORKING

Level 3

On Jul 1, our VR1600v reset itself to factory defaults.


This router is at a remote location, so I drove 1 hour to fix it. I configured all the router again and everything was working fine once again.


Now, we pay an extra $10 per month for a fixed IP because we need to expose CCTV cameras so we can monitor the property.


This is done by port forwarding a number of WAN ports to a CCTV server on the internal LAN.


On Jul 2, this feature of port forwarding stopped working along with the ability to remote manage the router.


Under System Tools | Administration | Remote Management, I have the remote management enabled checkbox enabled. Please see the attached screenshot.


Here's the peculiar thing; I can access the router via this external IP when I am connected to the LAN.


When I try this from an external location, I am unable to.


Have TPG changed anything to their security settings to block remote access?

Level 3
TPG mods can you comment on this

Can we get a different model of router?

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Did you get an answer to this? It seems the remote management flag gets reset somehow?

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The router is managed by a  CWMP (CPE WAN Management Protocol, also called TR-069) allows Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) to perform auto-configuration, provision, connection, and diagnostics to this device. So, it is possible that TPG is conneccting remotely and changing setings...


log in with super user and disable CWMP


username: su

password: VExy!64a3ng

Level 5

You just said how very concerned you were about security and the use of this password... and then go spam posting it all over the forum.