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Restore internet service at current location

Level 2

I'm planning to move on 10 April 2020 and got to know that the NBN installation may take about 10 days to complete. I've tried to make the smooth move and go to my account and created a Moving Home request. I was hoping that I can set the start date there, but the form just went through and didn't have such option.


I was worrying that the service was activate before I move there, so had a chat with a Customer Support agent, and they said that I could restore the service back to my current address. They said that they had created a request and it should be 24-48 hours for the request to complete. It's been more than 48 hours and I'm still disconnected.


I have tried to chat with different support agent, about 6 or 7 of them, and for everytime I have to tell them why I need my internet back, for the same reason they are moving to chat support rather than phone. I was kept transferring from Customer Service to Bililng, then to Relocation, then back to Customer Service, and then Relocation. The transferring keeps going on. I'm now still in the chat but no one has reponsded back in the last hour. 


So my question is simple, if I can't set the start date in request form, and the service is activated in new address and I'm disconnected, how can I restore my service back to my current address until I move? I also not able to re-schedule the activation when checking the progress in Is there any options that I can rectify it after I have made the request?


So far, I have tried 

- Send email to 3 emails and 0 reponse.

- Chat with support of Customer Service, Moving Home, Installation. 6-7 agents, 2 days (yes, 2 days waiting on chat)

- Phone, which is no one will answer now.


I've got to know both addresses are able to activate remotely. Why is it so difficult just to activate it in my current address? 


I know it's hard time for everyone, so if you can actually can support your customer, why don't you just do that?

Level 2
After4 days, it's still the same. When I managed to get to Customer Support, they said to transfer me to Relocation team, and rest assure I will be look after. After transferred, I've got no response until got disconnected. Tried to connect to Moving Home chat, they transferred me back to Customer Service, and waiting, and got transferred back to Relocation.

And the fun part is I have to tell my situation every single time I talk to new support agent. I need a case number so someone can look into it and tell me how to resolve, not for me to tell everyone what is my problem every single time.

I do regret to renew my contract with TPG. I wish I could cancel it without paying penalty.

If anyone read this, think twice when you want to sign up for an 18 months contract with TPG. If you have any problem, you just can't walk away. They can leave you on wait, on hold, transfer, until magically the problem is gone or you don't bother to contact again.
Level 2

After 11 days of trying to contact Customer Service, Relocation, they asked me to make another request to relocate my internet service back. The problem is no one has told me about this at the very first place, otherwise I didn't have to wait 11 days just to restore the service. The service will be available within 2 days, and I will be moving to new place in 3 days, which mean I'm going to pay internet for 1 day and request another move. It's totally ridiculous from customer support point of view.


They keep asking to send email, but after 4 emails sending to, there is no reply. Then how can I request again when I move again?


Also, agent told me to go to this community to ask question and got answered. I've seen more questions and frustration here rather than answers.