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Ridiculously poor customer support contact

Level 2
I just can’t stand any more for this. Apparently TPG thinks the COVID19 gives them all the excuse for their dropping quality of service. My network quality drops dramatically these days and it keeps dropping offline every now and then. When I tried to contact the tech support, the phone support is not working, of course the COVID 19 stops them to pickup the phone (hey, but TPG is a phone/network provider, how hard it is to set up a WFH call center?!). Then I tried to use the online support, I’ve tried millions of time and I never got one time successfully connect to the CS. And when I tried to find if I can send an email to complain and I could not find the email address because it’s not on the website! I wonder if anyone suffers the same as me and how could I get in contact with TPG and get the bloody network working? Thanks!