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Router randomly loses connection to DNS server, is unusually slow at times

Level 3

For the past few days my internet has been randomly dropping out, saying that it has lost connection to the DNS server. It only reconnects once I go to my router and put in my login and wait for it to gather connection information. By putting in the DNS Address manually it now automatically reconnects whenever it can but the internet still goes out randomly. It usually lasts for more than 1 minute and occurs more frequently during the night. My internet is also unusually slow sometimes but I'm not sure if that's related and usually corrects itself in a minute or 2.

Level 3

Update: The connection only recovers automatically some of the time.


Hi @SpoodsT,


We've tested the line and was not able to detect any fault within the copper network, but the connection dropouts are evident.


We've detected some signal errors that might have caused the issue, but we still need to check if it was caused by the modem of something else.


We'd like to arrange a call from our Tech team to run further tests.


Please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.