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Routing issue between TPG and Blizzard/ game servers?

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I was hoping to get some info on a puzzling issue I've had over the last few days: connection dropping off with the game servers (Blizzard Entertainment). In short, I disconnect with the Blizzard game launcher every 30 seconds or so.


After a loooooong and extensive testing/diagnostics process, both on my end and with their tech support team, I ran a WinMTR test, and Blizzard is adamant that the problem is due to a routing issue between my ISP and their servers (


And indeed, ** when I use a VPN on my machine, the connection to becomes stable ** (but because of the VPN, server ping is around 200ms when it used to be around 30ms)


I ruled out:

- software issues (uninstalled and deleted program data, then reinstalled

- router/port settings (stable connection via my phone network when using USB tethering)

- firewall settings (no recorded packet loss during the WinMTR test, in spite of 10+ disconnects)

- adapter settings / DNS settings (reset the adaptor, manually updated drivers, flushed DNS and restarted the computer a few dozen times for good measure)


I have a TPG NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial setup which otherwise works fine. I run Windows 10 Home, and use wireless internet (Killer 1535 Wireless Network Adapter).


Any ideas?


Hi @Lukyluk ,


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Thank you for raising this issue with us. Please run a ping and tracert to the game's server for testing reference and post it on this thread.


We tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately it does not show any matching records. To better understand the situation, PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community