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Secure email trasmision

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I need to send confidential information in email from time to time (for example: account, bank, work, etc) and need to be sure that the TPG mail servers are achieving a secure mail transmission. I found an email domain report on which rated TPG at a "SMTP TLS" grade of "C" where gmail, telstra and optus, my bank and my accountant all had their mail servers rated as an "A" rating. According to the report the following need to be improved to be secure - refer attachment TPG_LuxsciChecker_2020-05-15.png. if this is true, I am concerned about the secure transmission of my mail over TPG existing email servers and account setup. Q1) Why isn’t TPG using the industry standard TLS V1.3 certificates? Q2) Why doesn't TPG allow implicit SSL/TLS option to ensure email information is not transmitted in plain text? Q3) Why is TPG promoting email account setup of customer with no email security and to use non-encrypted ports for example: Using POP Port 110 and not 995 or IMAP Port 143 and not 993? Even gmail is using implicit TLS and has TPC V1.3 certificates, is this not standard now? Please help, I wish to send and receive secure email and not have my personal information comprised. Have been trying to get onto TPG technical team for some days now, but it appears the COVID-19 situation is causing long delays in call backs which is very frustrating. Looking for closure that my ISP email service provider is providing at the very least the industry bench mark if not best practice with regards to secure transmission of email. Finally, if this is possible, how to setup the SECURE email settings ? Thanks In advance
Level 2

This is very concerning that TPG does not take cyber security seriously for email.


Most android email apps dont work with TPG email account setup unless you disable security.


This is not acceptable in a cyber security risk environmnet like the internet.


Please fix this urgently.