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Setting up D Link DVA 2800 - NBN

Level 2


I have recently had TPG install NBN HFC and wish to change the router that is given (TP Link Archer) as the router that I have has better wifi coverage for my house. I have attempted setup in the routers settings using the PPPoE settings and it is not connecting to the internet. Can you please assist with some setup instructions? Not sure if I am missing something. 


Thanks in advance. 

Level 11

Are all 4 lights on the black NBN box lit (Arris)?

Was the internet working using the Archer router?

In the PPPoE section, you entered your TPG username and password?

The cable from Arris goes to the second socket from the left on the router (WAN).


Do you have the manual for the router? The process is detailed there.

If you connect it up, press reset, then login; id is admin and no password.

In the setup wizard, try WAN Access Type of VDSL; Country Australia; ISP Not listed.

What are the other options and values on that screen?