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Setting up a Netgear RBR50 MODEM connection to HFC NBN

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I've been a long term TPG customer and all this time my connection to the NBN is through the provided Huawei HG659 modem. This in turn is connected via Ethernet to a Netgear RBR50. I thought it might be less messy if I could connect the RBR50 directly to the NBN box and bypassing one layer of hardware. This is where I'm confused. Firstly, can it be done? If so how do I configure the Netgear? When I need to enter a user id & password where can I find this info? 
To add to my confusion, I have a TPG account ID which I use to login to check my account status using the app on my iPhone. Are they the same ID & password that in enter into my modem configuration? This is where I'm even more confused as I have changed my password on many occasions for security reasons and have never had to change it on the Huawei modem. So I concluded that we're referring to 2 different IDs and passwords. Am I correct?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @swcng2001 . If you use the VOIP phone, the Huawei has to stay as the main router. The Orbi can only be an access point.

If you don't use the VOIP phone, the Orbi can connect directly to NBN box.

First, login to Huawei, go to internet setup page with PPPoE, username and password. The password field may have an icon to reveal the password. This is what you use in the Orbi.

This iiNet article shows the setup for Orbi RBK50. Use your TPG username with or without 

Do Step 13 to set VLAN ID.

I think the internet connection from router accepts your MyAccount password or a generic password.

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@david64 , thanks for your quick response. I don't have a VOIP phone. 

I checked the Huawei PPPOE config page according to your instructions and all I can see is a field for PPPOE AC name but no password field. I presume then that a password is not required!


I shall try performing the setup and will let you know if I'm successful. 

Thanks again.