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Significant FTTN speed drop after plan change (from 25 to 50Mbps)

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Today, I switched from one of your old 25Mbps plans to a 50Mbps plan (and it's cheaper which is nice).

However, now my download speed is 1-2Mbps. Previously is was consistently 20-23Mbps. Although, my upload speed has shot up from 4-5Mbps to around 15Mbps (what I'd expect).

This is what I've noticed:

After I requested the change, about an hour later I noted my modem's WAN connection disconnected (reason stated cable disconnect).  After a couple of minutes, it reconnected and I could see it was now syncing at approximately 50/18Mbps.  Great.  My actualy download/upload speed hadn't changed though (still around the 20/5 mark).  Then about an hour later, I noticed my plan had changed in my TPG account page and I received the email to say the change had been completed.

Immediately, my download speed dropped from ~20Mbps to 1-2Mbps.  However, my upload speed immediately was 2-3 times faster than previous (10-15Mbps).


I've tried restarting the modem, isolating all other connections to it, etc. Same result.  Sync speed is as I'd expect:

Downstream speed (Mbit/s): 51.57
Upstream speed (Mbit/s): 18.224

However actual download speed is very poor. Much lower than it's ever been when I was on the 25Mbps plan.



Level 2

Perhaps a false alarm.  It's much better now.  43/14


#resolved ?


Hi @visrealm,


Glad to know that the connection is now running okay. In case you'll have connection difficulties do not hesitate to post it on our Community.


Have a great day! Smiley Wink