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Sites won't load - Home wireless broadband

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We have TPG fixed 4G wireless broadband with a Soyealink B628-350 modem.  While speeds are rather variable, ping time appears respectable at ~40ms and we’ve had pretty problem free service over the last year or so. 


Recently it has not been possible to load a number of sites.  Examples include, and  The response is often that the page to too long to respond. Affected sites are consistent over time. The problem occurs across devices with Windows 10 and IOS, on mutiple wifi bands, and across multiple browsers.  Swapping from the fixed service to a mobile phone hotspot reliably resolves the issue. 


I’ve tried routine things included clearing caches and histories, flushing DNS, manually setting DNS to I’ve also reset the modem, resestablished the wifi connections and, of course, turned everything off and on again!   


I’ve run out of ideas – does anyone else have any ideas of what to try next?


Hi @ajm212 


We'd like to check on this further on our end.


Please send us a private message with your account details.