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Slow ADSL2+ speeds

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Hi, over the last few weeks I have been experiencing much slower than usual connection speeds with my ADSL2+ internet. Using the custom speed test on the TPG support site shows 2.5mbps download and 0.4mbps upload. These speeds are significantly lower than what they used to be. I've tried power cycling the modem with no difference in speed.


Speed test results:


I've seen a lot of recent posts from other people in the community complaining about the same thing. Are all these issues related? Can a tech please be assigned to my case and help to investigate what could be going wrong?

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Level 3

I've just completed a speedtest. I typically get 9's and 10's. No change tonight vs other eveings.


Any chance that there could be multiple devices or apps running in the background sucking up your bandwidth? (Netflix, Cloud back up, Phones or tablets updating)


I run a cloud back up of my PC once a week and during the time this service runs my speeds are significantly slower often 50% slower when I run a speed test. Soon as the back up is complete, speed test is normal again.


Just a thought.

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Unfortunately I'm experiencing slow speeds, both on wired and wireless. I've also isolated to 1 device and still no improvement. Also ruled out backups or any other scheduled activities.

Hi @nightfever,


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Can you post a screenshots of wireless and wired connection speed test results?


Also, PM me your account details (username/customer ID or contact number associated with the account)


We'll have this checked.


Cheers! Smiley Wink

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I've PM'd you my account details as requested. Here's a link to my wired speed for tonight:


The link from earlier in this thread is for wireless. Tonight has been particularly bad.


Hi @nightfever,


Your connection issue is now being handled by our Engineering Team. Case update will be provided by our Engineering Team via SMS or Phone Call.


Please contact us should you require further assistance.