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Moving Home restarts contract

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Why moving home restarts the contract ?



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Well, that’s is in their policy hard written. Plain and simple make more money by keeping customers under contract so they don’t run away ha ha :/. They did this year to me 2 after more then 10 years with them and with the speeds significantly less then normally would be. (700metres to the exchange in Heidelberg and average speed 3-3.5Mbps). Loyalty awarded. Simmilar like now Nbn. Accc is just to make us feel that there is a law against this kind of manipulation and policies. Simply no mater what provider you will choose Mate, you are up for a ride. So choose the lesser evil and accept lesser losses no mater the provider chosed. Good luck to all of us. Btw compensation what they are talking about Nbn is there just for people to feel there is something out there for us, hate to burst your bubble. Stay well.


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Moving home will give you a re-contract once you choose not to pay for the set up fee of $99.95.


If you don't want another contract, then you can pay the set up fee instead.


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