Slow ADSL2+ speeds

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Over the last month or two our ADSL2+ internet speed has increasingly been detoriating.


I have reset modem, isolated the connection just to the home computer and nothing has seen an increase in speed.


Speed test link:


It has been hard to even browse the web, let alone stream a basic 360p videos or NetFlix, and i have been having to connect my phone to download larger files from my work e-mail.


Any help would be appreciated.


EDIT: I live in North Sydney.




Hi @willtalbot87,

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We have edited your post for security purposes, as it contains your account username.

We have checked the status of your connection and our system has recorded multiple connection dropouts.

We will have a Technical Specialist contact you on the number we have on file to address this concern, but if you have a preferred contact details, please send it via PM.


Hi @willtalbot87, the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team for further investigation.


The Team will be in touch via SMS or a phone call as soon as the initial assessment is completed.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.