Slow NBN Canberra

Level 1a

I'm experiencing slow speeds (between 5-8MPS). This seems to be at all times, not just "peak" times and has been the case for months. I have the 100MPS plan, so I'm more than a little concerned about the performance. I note that I have received no contact from TPG regarding their compensation arrangement for slow speeds, not sure why. Anyone else experiencing speed issues on the 100MPS plan??


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I checked your account and learned that you are under our NBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) technology which is not affected by the limitation of the copper network.

Only FTTN/FTTB technologies are affected by the infrastructure limitation of the legacy copper network that's why some customers which applied to our NBN 100/40 Mbps plan was not able to receive the expected sync speed.

If you are experiencing speed issues with your NBN FTTP service, we are glad to help you in resolving it. Are you able to provide us some screenshots of your speed test result? Also, is it time specific?


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