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Slow NBN download and upload speed

Level 2
Hi there,
I'm currently using NBN for a while and just realised the speed is way slower than other people. My friend got around 30 mbps download and 25 mbps upload while my one is only 10 mbps and 0.95 mbps. Can anyone figure it out what happened to my nbn service?

Hi @quangtuanhp123,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I've located your account using your Community details and was able to see that your current plan.

Provided that you're on our NBN12 with 11.0Mbps Basic Typical Evening Speed, the current speed that you are getting is within acceptable range.


You may consider changing to a higher speed tier plan. Click here for more information regarding our speed options.


You may also visit this link should you wish to know more on how to change your NBN plan -


Let us know should you need further assistance.