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Slow connection Speeds, dropouts and noise on Landline

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     Have had a techie guy out to install a central splitter as we have a house alarm and landline. Sadly we still have slow connection , less than 2kpbs and 0.07 average upload. Its almost unusable and often just drops out.  Can someone test the line please? Don`t call as I`m away at work for a week and can only troubleshoot at home when I`m back.




Hi @ahallsworths,


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that you are under our ADSL2+ Off-net plan (Standalone service) which is delivered via Telstra Wholesale Broadband network. If there's a noise on your landline, then it means that there is a possible fault on the copper line. If your landline is affected, then the internet will be affected as well, since we depend on your phone line to provide you the service.

You need to report the issue with your phone provider for them to investigate this further. Once they've resolved the noise issue and the internet is still slow or dropping, then you need to contact us for further investigation.


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