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Slow connection and constant drop outs

Level 1a

Is it just me or whole hurstville interchange is dropping out today? Also i am getting slower connection than what i paid for. Is TPG loosing its game? 

Level 1a

Is there anyone having this problem lately?


Hi @keshabprativa,


Thank you for bringing this matter to the Community.


There are no listed outages in our website hence we would like to check this further. 


Can you please PM us your account details (username and service address) so we can proceed?


If this is the first time you will send a Private Message here, please refer to How to send a PM.


Hi @keshabprativa,


Thanks for sending us your details,

We're able to locate your account and ran initial tests; the result shows your service has been connected for 7h 47m, getting a passing speed on the line and no line fault was found

We'd like to confirm on which device(s) you experience slow connection. If these occurs to your device(s) such as Android phone, Laptop, Gaming Consoles connected via Wireless Network/Wi-Fi, we did an article that will help you improve your wireless connection available here.


Let us know how it will go, cheers!