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Upload Speed Extremely slow on one computer

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So i recently got NBN installed and and currently on the NBN 12 plan since the switch the upload speed on one of my computers has been EXTREMELY slow to the point where I cannot play video games or load some websites while the other computer's internet works fine both ways. Some possibly useful info the functioning computer uses windows 10 while the one experiencing issues runs windows 7. I have swapped ethernet cables and the problem persisted. I had to run speedtest from a desktop application because online speed test said I had a 'network error' and should try again later. I also reinstalled windows 7 in case any installed programs were causing the issue and the problem persisted.

here are the corresponding speed tests (the problem computer has the slower upload speed)
any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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This got me curious as well. Try to check if this one will help.

Something I've stumbled on the net about other people having the same issue with windows 7.


The Large Send offload IPv4 might be enabled on your Windows 7 computer.

This causes problem if the modem doesn't support this feature

If it is, try to disable it and check your upload speed again

Open Device Manager and select your Network Adapter then go to Advance Tab




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thanks for the response, I tried all combinations of disabling/enabling both large send offload settings but ive gotten the same results. any other ideas?

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Hi @bluey1423 have you installed any hardware monitoring programs after reinstalling windows? They're usually included on a motherboard makers software disc, ones that monitor cpu, memory and motherboard status etc, I've seen these affect outbound network performance in the past. Some of them use WMI and .net framework services and cause problems particularly on x64 versions of 7.

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okay now more curious.



Have you installed any software or update anything on your computer when you got NBN?

If hardware is not the issue it could be a software. However base on what you said the issue started when you swithed to NBN..


One thing that will change for sure when you switch to NBN is your gateway.

Some gateway have bandwidth/traffic control. You should check your gateway if this feature is enable.

What modem/router are you using?


If you have TP-Link VR1600 bandwidht control is under advance tab

Check if this feature is enable and what I.P is being control and how much is the Up (min/max)

bandwidth control.png


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Thanks for the responses, I checked the bandwidth control as you suggested and its unticked as shown in your picture. I could have installed software that monitors hardware but the only thing that comes to mind is nvidia control panel/geforce experience. has this been known to cause issues?

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Hi @bluey1423 what you can try as a test is go to task manager and temporarily disable the nvidia control panel by right clicking the process and clicking end process, it's probably called NVwiz or similar, kill anything else that looks nvidia related. Try a speed test then and that will rule out that app. It will auto launch itself on the next boot up.

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everytime i tried to end the process i was met with an 'access denied' error so i uninstalled all the relevant programs and re ran the speed test and got the same results. what can i try next?

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have you tried system restore?

If you can remember the last time your P.C work as normal and restore it to that date or prior to it.


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unfortunately any of the restore dates are after the issue started. the only thing i can think of that happened when this started was our switch to the NBN