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Slow connection using Optus modem

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I've just recently moved with TPG home bundle (ADSL2+) from Optus and decided to use my Optus modem. The internet is working, but I found that it is pretty slow, reaching only upto 6mpbs. Do I need to change my modem or is this just the speed in my area? I live in Parkwood, 4215. Modem is F@ST3864V3AC


Hi jeff2323, 



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I've located your account using your Community details and has ran remote tests. 

Currently, the tests results are not showing any physical issue with the line that would affect your services.


Provided that you are using ADSL2+ connection, the attainable maximum speed relies to the distance of your location from the exchange. The farther you are, the slower the speed gets. The speed test result that you've mentioned is within acceptable range in relation to your 3.1km cable length [estimated].


Aside from the quality and length of the existing copper cable, the exact speed you get varies depending on factors such as:


  • Signal strength [if your devices are connected via wireless]
  • Number of devices connected to the router
  • Factors within your home such as unfiltered devices and lengthy phone cords.

Please check out this article which should help you

Let us know should you need further assistance.