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Slow interent in riverwood/peakhurst

Level 2

For years now this has been my permanant internet speed for TPG:




I rarely get over 5MPBS down and 1MBPS up... I've bought new routers, removed wifi and plugged directly, tried many devices, tried switching devies etc.. I've also done multiple network scans to ensure there is no interfernce in the network - the home network speed is fine, it's all TPG. 


Any ideas how ot best troubleshoot this? I rang a few months back and I was told that this was the fastest plan and it doesn't get any faster than this...

Level 2

Forgot to say this is ADSL2+ 

Level 12

NBN is probably available in your area. You will be required to change to NBN sometime next year. In the meantime, you can use the ADSL2+ coverage map on TPG's home page to see what speed you should be getting. Speed drops with distance from the exchange.

When you do the speed test, do you use a computer connected to router by cable? 

If you use a wifi device, do the test next to the router. Use the 5G wifi band if the router has one.

Level 2

Thanks for the tips, 

* No NBN is not available yet in my area Smiley Sad coming in a couple of months

* Tested with a wired connection and wriress - space speed

* tested on 5g and 2.5g on the router

* Thanks for the ADSL2+ coverage map on TPG website,didn't know that existed - doesn't help much really


Feels like a dud.. not sure what else to do..3mb down today and 0.7mb up.. (facepalm) Keep teathering on my 4g Vodafone internet and it's way faster 

Level 12

Max upload speed for ADSL2+ is 1Mbps.

When you go into the coverage map, click on the blue dot for your exchange and the map will be colour coded with typical speeds for the area. Click on your location on the map to see typical speeds, SNR and attenuation in your area.


Can you log into the router and check the connection statistics. It will show the physical adsl speed up and down and SNR and line attenuation. The physical adsl speed will be a bit bigger than the number given in a speed test and is the number reflected in the coverage map. Do the speed test on TPG's home page; use your cabled computer. See if you can add the result screen to the new post (see below).

Slow speed can be caused by a phone line fault.

Do the following commands from a command window on the computer; I'd be interested if you could put the output as a reply to this post.


tracert -d


Tomorrow morning, you should make a new post with your original complaint about speed (mention it's ADSL2+) and the things you've tried (cabled and wireless). Include the results of the speed test above. Include that you've looked at the coverage map and should be getting (hopefully) a better speed.