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Slow internet speed, below minimum accepted speed

Level 1b

The internet speed has become incredibly slow, there have been one too many dropouts. Wifi keeps disconnecting, I've tried troubleshooting with every single possible solution but nothing is working. Was on the phone for more than half an hour on HOLD, the live chat for technical support kept saying it was unavailable so that was no use. I don't want to keep paying for an internet service that doesn't provide what is promised in the plan. Not to mention, the download speed is way below the minimum accepted speed for the bundle we are with too. Need to get this fixed asap or will be moving to another provider and taking this to the ombudsman.


Hi @rabihawahed 



Welcome to TPG Community! Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so I can look at your service.

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Level 1b
Pmed info.

Hi @rabihawahed 

looking at your account now 





    I just went through your  accounts and activity, traffic etc., 

you are on ADSL, over 2.5km from the exchange, your sync speed is 8Mbps, for the distance pretty good sync speed, 

But technically you will have an issue if trying to stream two devices at the same time, 

also, I can see heavy traffic on your line, seems some streaming devices running, or heavy downloading.

current traffic 

 0/19/7                         138.1                   5619.1(Download)

for your usage, I will highly be recommending switching to NBN 50Mbps plan,  which is $69.00

that means your speed go from 8Mbps to 50mbps, and it can handle your traffic easily 

also, you will receive TPG dual-band high gain 5G wifi router, suitable for online gamily and 4k streaming, etc.