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I've been a TPG ADSL2+ customer for several years, and want to report that upload speeds dropped off about 18 months from typically 13Mbps to somewhere between 7Mbps and 3Mbps V and 508 ^ now.  It seems that my speed is gradually getting worse as in the past week or so I've been seeing more 3Mbps.  I haven't called support, as I have only had to do that once before, about 4 - 5 months ago, and support found this was due to NBN work between my house and the nearest Telstra Exchange.  It was fixed in about 3 days, and the speed was pretty much exactly the same i.e. about 6Mbps then.

NBN isn't coming to this area until 2019, so thats a long time to wait for Internet speeds to return to what they were in 2015.

Hope someone can help.

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Hi @Ticcer, this sounds exactly like the problem I've had for years with TPG with no sign of improvement. Was TPG was able to resolve the problem for you? Did you have to switch to another provider?



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@rajarshi81 Problem resolved.  It was a network issue that Telstra had to resolve... at the exchange, I think.  Not sure why it took so long to figure it out.  Perhaps they did some different tests this last time over and above the tests they did all the previous times.  I've had reletively stable speeds since.


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