Slow internet

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The internet download speed on my Apple Mac mini according to the Ookla speed test is 5.82. normal is 1-2.

the upload speed is 0.899, normal is12-15. it is impossibally slow downloading emails and web searching.

The computer in normal speed when not using the internet, eg  opening documents and photos. Memory has plenty of space as has the email downloads.

what can be done about it?

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Can you check if your icloud is on? Are you the only one connected to the internet? I had the same issue before and usually the first thing that i would check is the Icloud or any apps that might be running in the mac.


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I checked the account and was not able to detect any connection as of the moment. Is your modem turned off as of the moment? We'd like to look into it to understand the situation.


Are you able to Post a screenshot of your speedtest result as well?


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Hi,I’m having ADSL2+ connection, I have been experiencing slow internet connection since end of 2017, recently I replace my modem router and problem still there. I followed the Slow Internet Inspection article, especially disabled iCloud upload, and still have no fix, could you have a look at your end to see if you can find the issue : )


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We have edited your post for security purposes, as it contains your account details.


We have seen that your connection is currently unstable and we'd like to have a specialist contact you for further troubleshooting as we are not detecting any fault on the line.


Please send us a private message with your best contact number and available time to receive a call. Thank you.