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Slow internet

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around 3 weeks i noticed my hfc nbn 25 intrernet was down. my wife said she noticed telstra in the pit up the rd.


location templestowe lower.


coincidently our hfc nbn dropped out that day.


i reported this to tpg.


two days later it was back on.


tpg service bloke came anyway and said it was working....


it is working but its dreadfully slow now. Im paying for 25mb and get an average if 2-3mb down at best 5mb down. until telstra visited the pit speedtest was saying 24mb down all day. now I'm getting about 1/3 of what i used to get from adsl.


up runs around 3-4mb.


ping is around 90ms


see speedtest result 


i signed on last aug for 18 months. so im six months in.


looks like I have been dumped to a highly contended link with inadequate backhaul.


i dont want to deal with service because if a carrier doesn't want to provide anything like what ive been promised i should be able to exit.


I feel cheated becasue I've been with TPG for several years.


How can I exit and try a different carrier ???


We're sorry to know that you're having issues with the speed and we'd like to check what can be done to improve this experience, @pmsmith69.

We have managed to locate your account using your community details. At the moment, the connection appears to be working fine and stable for more than a week.

Nevertheless, we'd like to further investigate how the speed issue can be resolved by escalating it to our Senior Engineering Team.

Please send us a PM with your best contact number and available time to receive a call so we can advise our Escalations Team.


We'll wait for your response. Thank you.

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now 1mb @9pm




to call it crap would be high praise.


funny unless it's your wife that cant watch her sbs on demand and now wants to talk instead...


pleass help !!!!!!

Level 2




less than 1mb. Maybe a tin can and string might be better ?


Smiley Sad


Hi @pmsmith69,


We've escalated your issue to our technical team. One of our senior officers will be in touch tomorrow to discuss the concerns raised, they will call you using the contact details on file. If you have a preferred contact number and most convenient time to receive a call, please let me know so we can pass it to the team handling your case.



Level 2

Here are my speedtest results. If my connection looks good the you might want to start studying braille and invest in a dog. Something like a labrador with a handle.


"","3/5/2018 10:51 AM","GMT","1.34","3.59","97","Melbourne","0"
"","3/5/2018 10:51 AM","GMT","1.31","3.37","100","Melbourne","0"
"","3/5/2018 10:53 AM","GMT","1.32","4.07","99","Melbourne","0"
"","3/5/2018 10:53 AM","GMT","1.32","4.23","94","Melbourne","0"
"","3/5/2018 10:57 AM","GMT","1.63","3.45","96","Melbourne","0"


Hi @pmsmith69,


The speed test result has been forwarded to our technical team, one of our senior technician will be in touch tomorrow to discuss the concerns raised.





Hi @pmsmith69,


Hope you're doing well. Just doing a follow-up regarding the connectivity issue that you have raised last Saturday. One of our senior engineers tried to contact you to discuss your issue, but we are unable to reach you. Please send us your alternate contact time and most convenient time to receive a call and will request for a follow-up call from the team handling your case.