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Compensation for slow speeds?

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According to today's article in The Age, Melbourne:

"The watchdog will continue to monitor cases where a speed can technically be delivered, but internet service providers have not bought enough capacity from NBN Co to provide advertised services."

I take it TPG will also be offering compensation to all their NBN customers too?

Community Manager

Hi TPG Community,

Thanks for the question @ivanlutrov

We note Telstra’s recent undertaking to the ACCC concerning connection speeds being obtained by consumers of FTTB/N services on the nbn. We can tell you that some months back TPG wrote to FTTB/N customers and invited them to switch plans if they were dissatisfied with their connection speeds. At around the same time, TPG changed its marketing of FTTB/N services. We therefore need to consider the views of the ACCC in light of our particular facts before taking a position on the subject. We intend to do that when we have discussions with the ACCC in the coming days.