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Compensation for slow speeds?

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According to today's article in The Age, Melbourne:

"The watchdog will continue to monitor cases where a speed can technically be delivered, but internet service providers have not bought enough capacity from NBN Co to provide advertised services."

I take it TPG will also be offering compensation to all their NBN customers too?

Community Manager

Hi TPG Community,

Thanks for the question @ivanlutrov

We note Telstra’s recent undertaking to the ACCC concerning connection speeds being obtained by consumers of FTTB/N services on the nbn. We can tell you that some months back TPG wrote to FTTB/N customers and invited them to switch plans if they were dissatisfied with their connection speeds. At around the same time, TPG changed its marketing of FTTB/N services. We therefore need to consider the views of the ACCC in light of our particular facts before taking a position on the subject. We intend to do that when we have discussions with the ACCC in the coming days.

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Having received an email from on February 28th,


i understand that TPG is proceeding with the compensation effort for those people paying for service they had no ability or facility to access.


With customers that have chosen the first option, to change NBN plans, how is the amount of compensation being determined, and should we contact the TPG Accounts or Customer Service to follow up on the communication from TPG.


I understand that it's likely to be a large backlog of people affected, so it would be good to find out if there's a process in place yet for the Customer Service or Accounts teams to handle NBN compensation queries.




Hi @hugmyciaalien,


Thank you for advising TPG you accept the refund offer. We have noted your acceptance and will be in touch when we are ready to process the refunds for all affected customers.


The refund amount has been calculated based on the number of months you could not receive the speeds you were paying. The structure and value of the refund compensation offered by TPG has been approved by the ACCC as appropriate and fair.

For more inquiries, you can contact our team at 1300 013 989. They are available 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week (AEDT).


Kind regards,