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Slow new NBN installation

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So, finally after many issues getting NBN enabled at my place.  Speeds were good for a few days.


Now, not even a week later I'm on the 100/40 plan and currently performing a speed test I'm getting in the vacinity of 25 - 30 down / 20 - 22 up.


This is from a device that is plugged in via ethernet to the Archer VR1600v device.


I've reset the both router and nbn box; left powered off for a few minutes and rebooted to no avail.  


Any clues as to why the speeds are so terrible???


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Actually seems like it was the bandwidth control feature on the router!  


Set it to the max value of the connection, and it throttled it down to that speed.  


Lowered the value for a test; and still the same speed - Disabled; normal speeds again.


Set to max speed limit - Speeds limited to 25 - 30.


Turned off - Back to normal.


Gues the bandwidth control feature does not work properly on this router; along with not being able to plug an xbox in via ethernet!


Hi @Gryph,


Thanks for sharing this to us. We ran an initial test on your connection it shows connected for 18h 28m and getting a passing speed on the line.


We'd like to confirm if you still experience the speed issue on device(s) connected via Ethernet If so, feel free to post a screenshot of the speed test result for additional reference.