Slow speeds

Level 1b
I’m getting 23Mbps download but my plan was advertised at 70Mpbs

Hi @12345678j, 


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One main factor that can cause the connection speed of TPG’s NBN service to vary considerably can be the NBN’s choice of technology in your area.


I've located your using your Community Details and can see that we've provided you with a NBN Fibre to the Node service. 


We can only provide you with an accurate speed assessment post activation. Contributing factors to speed on FTTN are definitely distance from your connected node. 


Our technical team will do our best to help improve the speed but your cable distance of 686 meters will hinder us from providing you anything greater than 29 - 68Mbps.


However, I do still recommend that we have one of our technicians give you a call to investigate for you to see what can be done to improve your connection’s performance.     


Please let us know your best time and contact number via PM so I can get a technician to call you.


For your reference, please see our Community Article on How do I private message (PM) in the community.