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Slow wireless broadband

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I've had a Home Wireless Broadband Unlimited Data account since January this year. 

(My experience with the service has been mixed - some days it's fast, some days it's slow, some days it doesn't want to connect at all - it's not as good as our previous service).

Over the last few days, it's been worse.  I ran a speed test a couple of hours ago - I'm the only person at home today so it's not like there's a swag of devices streaming - and the download speed is 1.6 Mbps.  I've tried all the usual bits of advice (turning the modem off and on, placing it near a window) but nothing seems to be improving the speed.

One thing I have noticed on "My Account" is that the last few days it seems like we've been using enormous amounts of data - about 130 GB per day of data, compared to the average for the rest of the month which is closer to 10 GB per day. 

Those numbers suggest to me that there's something running in the background that's devouring data and slowing everything else down.

Is there any way of finding out what devices, or what applications, are chewing through the data? 




Hi @sloffler3


The usual apps or software that continuously uses data in the background are the ones where you need to sync to all of the devices connected. ( e.g Google drive, iCloud)


For days that you are experiencing connection issues, best to check if there are outages/maintenance ongoing here: TPG TPG Service Status


You may also send in your TPG customer ID or username via PM in order for us to test your connection.