Slowspeed for NBN100

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I have just changed my internet from Telstra to TPG and am using NBN100.


But I am not very happy with my current internet due to its slow and unstable speed.


Here is my speed test:


As you can see, the speed is not acceptable.

And I have never experienced this when I used Telstra.


Hi @hotzan0301,


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Those results are indeed not normal for your plan. I checked your line and from what I can tell, your modem is detecting a sync speed of 44.7Mbps. I also performed a test on the Transfer Rate of your modem and it's registering 40.83Mbps.


It seems like the main issue could be the transfer of data from the modem to your device/s or bandwidth sharing (if you have more than 1 device).

  • How many devices are connected to the modem?
  • Are they all using WIFI connection?
  • Were you able to test the speed of your connection with a computer/laptop connected via ethernet to the modem?

If your devices are all on WIFI, I suggest switching to the 5GHz network or change the WIFI channel. Here's the link on how to change the channel.


Let us know how it goes.


That being said, even if you're able to resolve the speed issue and get close to 40 - 44Mbps speed, I would suggest downgrading to our NBN50 plan. Based on NBNCo's records, theoretically, your copper line is only capable of getting a download speed of between 21Mbps - 50Mbps. You can change your plan by logging in to your online account. Visit this page for the instructions.