Spam Email?

Level 2

I've been getting emails for the past couple of days supposedly from TPG.

I want to know whether these are phishing emails as, generally, I don't click on links in these types of emails.

Here's what the email says:

 DearTPG Customer ,
There are security updates on our servers, to ensure that the service will not be interrupted, you Need to update your details It's easily and safety.

The details are:

  • Case ID : #TPG-784-012-247-006
  • Email Address : (I've deleted my email here for security purposes)

Update Now
 Νote:If you do not update or ignore this message, We will temporarily disconnect Internet service Until You resolve this issue!

Has anyone else been getting these and are they phishing emails?

Level 11

Hi @ahird59 . Haven't seen this but looks to be phishing. The text is poorly constructed. Look at the sender's address. In the copy of the email, the update now link is active and goes to some junk website. You can check the properties of the link but don't click or tap it.

Level 2

Hi, yes I have been recieving these emails as well. It is definitely a phishing email. The account-id in your email is the same as the one that I recieved as well.

Level 2

I have recieved it twice.

Checked my account and its all under control.

It is a b/s email.