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Spam/Junk filtering

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With the volume of junk/spam coming into email these days, I thought TPG might have a more direct way to tag and delete junk in bulk. I have tried dragging them into the spam folder, but little else seems to prevent them. Surely there is a smarter way of getting rid of this rubbish which takes up about 40-60% of my inbox. It is not unique to any one client, so perhaps there could be higher level filters in the server???

It must also be impacting on the postoffice, so it is to everyone's advantage if TPG try yo improve this!



Hi @jetpilot, please be informed that our TPG Post Office has a Junk Mail Filter feature that could be of additional help to you. This filters out the spams on our server before it reaches the Inbox of your email program.


To enable your Junk Mail Filter, please follow the directions below :

1. Login to your TPG Post Office with your username and password through this link :

2. Click on Settings at the top.

3. Click on Mail Filtering Settings on the left side of the page.

4. On Select the level of filtering for all your incoming email box, choose the level of filtering you prefer. Below are the security level you can choose from:

    * Off - No filtering, turns off automatic Junk Filter detection
    * Low (Normal) - Low filtering, sets a low Junk Filter detection sensitivity
    * Medium - Medium filtering, sets a slightly higher sensitivity.
    * High - High filtering, sets the highest sensitivity (high setting also filters Bcc'd messages)

5. Click on Save Settings.


You may also try to use the other features under Mail Filtering:

* Address Filters - allows you to create rules that will either block or allow messages to be delivered, no matter what content is within the message.   

* Advanced Filters - allows you to create rules that can not be created with the Address Filters. These give a finer control on the way a message can be matched, and can be set to expire on a certain day if desired.



Furthermore, you can select all the emails on the current page by clicking on the gear icon near the trash button to delete the emails per page.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.

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I have done this and have set the filter to high, but am still adding 2+ spam email addresses to the filter every day.


Is there a way as an ISP (or as a group of ISPs) can identify where the spam is coming from and block it from the source?  What I see is common addresses, the Spamers must use an ISP somewhere in the email chain that is allowing the large number of messages they must be sending.




Hi @calcal, unfortunately, we don't have control over this. What you can do is to mark the emails as spam and make sure not to register your email on a specific website to avoid receiving spam mails.